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  • What I can produce:
  • Commercials
  • Films
  • Music Videos
  • Still Photography
  • What I can do:
  • See projects through from concept to completion, budgeting to actualization.
  • Speak the language of production companies, agencies and their clients.
  • Make it happen domestically or internationally, having produced across the USA, Caribbean, Central America, and the UK.
  • What I bring:
  • More than a decade of experience with brands like Disney, Hard Rock, Publix, and Atlantis Resorts just to name a few.
  • A history of working with some incredibly creative, smart people.
  • Maybe the pastiest set of legs you’ve seen. (My genetics are predisposed to living in a bog somewhere in the north.)
  • Stuff you should know if you want to hire me:
  • My name is pronounced like “Tie” or “Thai” or “Ty”, not “Tig-hee” or “Stephanie”.
  • I love helping turn ideas into reality and enjoy that each project needs a different set of skills.
  • I own more vinyl toys than any one human should own.
  • Links to my recent work are below. My full resume is available if you ask nicely.

Recent Work

FLVS ChalkBoard
Hard Rock